27 February 2023

Setting up a Tent: Tips for Quickly Enjoying Your Camping Vacation!

The vacation is right around the corner! As a camping enthusiast, you are naturally eager to get your tent out. No matter how you camp, one thing is certain: you want to set up your tent as quickly and smoothly as possible. The earlier you can enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Have you just bought a new tent? Then set it up once at home first. Then it goes a lot faster at the campsite. In this article we will give you more tips and tricks for setting up your tent properly and quickly.

Choose the right spot

When choosing a spot to set up your tent, it’s handy to keep a few things in mind:

  • Look for a spot that is as level and flat as possible. This prevents you and your belongings from sliding in the tent and ensures that your tent stays upright during bad weather.
  • Set up your tent on high ground, away from low-lying areas that can flood. For example, during heavy rainfall.
  • Make sure you are aware of the fire regulations in the area where you are camping.
  • Take nature and other campers into account. Look for a spot that is already disturbed, do not camp in sensitive areas such as meadows or near lakes, and follow the Leave No Trace-principles.

Consider different weather conditions

Do you want to enjoy in the full sun? Be protected from rain and wind? Or would you rather be in the shade with a nice breeze? Take into account the consequences of the different weather conditions:

A spot in the sun is lovely, but provide some shade in the afternoon. If your tent is full in the sun, it will get very hot in your tent. Place your tent for example at the edge of the forest/next to trees. You don’t have to worry about the color(s) of your tent changing due to the sunlight. This is because TenCate tent fabrics have a high color-weather fastness.

Of course, your tent (fabric) can handle a shower. But a heavy downpour or persistent rain can cause discomfort. Prevent a heavy puddle from forming on your porch or awning. Therefore, tighten the tent fabric well and tie one corner lower than the other, so that the water runs off. That way, the tent fabric will last much longer!

Also, never set up your tent in the lowest part of the campsite or in a pit. Rainwater flows to the lowest point, so you are guaranteed to get your feet wet.
Caution! Our cotton tent fabric may “breathe through” at the first raindrops or in a huge downpour. Some mist will pass through the fabric. This will automatically stop when the fabric is well soaked and therefore “tightens”.

A tent, caravan, or folding trailer generally doesn’t have much trouble from a strong breeze, but from about wind force 7 (hard wind) you should anchor it more securely. Prepare your tent well by putting away items that can blow away and checking all the tension points. Secure the mudflaps (splash edges) of the tent with extra pegs and make sure the tent roof is taut and does not rattle too much, otherwise the fabric may tear. Tighten any necessary extra (storm) lines or storm straps and close all windows and zippers.Parts where the wind can blow under, such as an awning, are best dismantled as a precaution. And make sure all the legs are extended for the caravan, so it stands more securely. Is wind force 10 or higher predicted? Then you’d better dismantle everything and look for a nearby hotel.

Setting up the tent

How difficult can it be; put down the poles, put the fabric over it and fasten it. Right? Setting up the tent can be quite a challenge. With some simple explanation, we hope to make it a little easier for you:

  • Make sure you have a good groundsheet and don’t let it stick out from under your tent. Otherwise, rainwater will run between your tent and the groundsheet.
  • Use good pegs: wooden for sand or clay-like ground or muddy ground and ground pegs for hard and soft ground. You can always ask at the campsite what type of pegs they recommend.
  • Make sure all zippers are closed when setting up your tent. Otherwise, you won’t be able to close them once the tent is taut.
  • Set up (large) tents with at least two people.
  • Unfold the poles in advance and place them ready near the correct opening.
  • First slide all the poles through the tunnels and then put the tent under tension.
  • Finally, you tighten the guy lines. This way you can distribute the tension better on the (TenCate) tent fabric.

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