Various specification tests, structural inspection is carried out in our very own certified laboratory


All products produced in our factory are subjected to various specification tests in our laboratory. In addition to the initial tests, we run further tests on the fabric after it has aged in the lab and the outdoors. Thanks to this method of testing TenCate canvas guarantees many years of carefree camping and enjoyment in the outdoors. Our products have been certified by independent institutes as proof of quality for our clients which include confectioners and the rental sector.

Specification tests

The main features of our canvas are tested in accordance with international standards. These are tested in our laboratory according to standardised measuring methods. Tencate Outdoor fabrics tests for wear and tear properties, colour, water repellency, water column, flame retardancy and light fastness.


Over time we have to deal with the degradation of the material from outdoor use. This occurs due to the influence of wind & weather, sunlight, pollution and wear-resistance. To test these effects on our products, specification tests are carried out again after exposure to these factors. In addition to the laboratory tests, tests are also carried out in practice.

For good correlation between laboratory testing and testing in practice, canvas samples are placed every year in our outdoor testing unit in Nijverdal & Greece. These practical tests can also be sped up in an ever-summer program. The canvas samples are first placed in Florida for half a year and then in Australia for the next half year, which means we can complete two seasons of exposure in one year.
We also test the pollution, and in particular micro-organisms such as fungi, in a practical situation.

Outside testing unit

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