07 February 2023

6 tips to keep your tent in top condition, also after your vacation

The vacation is over, time to store your tent. But how do you store the tent now? And how do you ensure it stays in good condition? It is therefore important that you store it correctly.

Start by checking the tent for damages or stains. Repair them immediately and clean the tent thoroughly. Then store the tent clean and dry. Check the frame too: is everything complete and are there any parts missing or damaged?

Store away!

We have listed six tips to help you store your tent correctly:

  1. Pack the tent dry and clean. If the tent is not properly dry, weather and mold spots may occur. And those are very difficult to remove.
  2. Is your tent packed wet anyway? Unpack it immediately at home and let it dry very well.
  3. Use a breathable storage bag, for example made of cotton.
  4. Store the tent in a separate storage bag than the frame, groundsheet, curtains and guy ropes.
  5. Ventilate the space where you store the tent.
  6. Did you camp at the coast? Rinse the tent well with clean water and let it dry thoroughly. Salt residues can attract moisture, even in a “dry” storage place.

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