TenCate Outdoor Fabrics tent canvas has provided optimal comfort and full protection against the elements all year round. All weather protection is a feature which can be used in almost all of our tent fabrics. High-grade raw materials, the right fibres and yarns, the method of weaving and finishing, and the addition of any special finishes ensure that the outdoor fibres of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics are of exceptionally high quality. TenCate Outdoor Fabrics is always searching for innovation and improvement of materials, to provide you with maximum durability, safety, quality and outdoor comfort. Below the different functionalities of the high-tech fabrics are named.

Moisture regulating

Breathable > cloth that have a microporous coating on the outside of the coated materials, have a
strong breathable capability, which allows air and water vapour to pass through.

Moisture regulating > fibres like cotton and PVA have a high moisture absorbent capability
and are quickly able to remove moisture from the fabric. This delays the build-up of condensation,
which increases comfort.

Water repellent
Mildew- and rot-resistant

Water repellent > the combination of fibres, fabric construction and processing results in a textile
material that repels water.

Mildew- and rot-resistant > TenCate Outdoor Fabrics fabrics has been finished in such a way that it
collects dust-, mildew and dirt less easily.

UV resistant

Durable > Research has proven: the best raw materials, the right combination of fibres, the fabric
technology chosen and good finishes lean to an extremely long lifespan.

UV resistant > the right choice of dyes and colourings with good colourfastness will ensure
that your tent cloth retains its attractive volour.

Flame retardant

Flame retardant > inherently flame-retardant fibres ensure extra safety and protection. Textile
material that is flame-retardant inhibits scorching, smouldering and sparks.

Strong > an ingenious combination of fibres, yarns, weaving and finishing gives the textile
material its strength.