TenCate Outdoor Fabrics products in the market


TenCate Outdoor Fabrics develops, produces and supplies fabric for tent canvas and sun awnings. This fabric for outdoor use is moisture-resistant, dirt-repellent and specially treated against mildew and mould. TenCate Outdoor Fabrics supplies its products to tent and sun awning manufacturers and confectioners. If local knowledge is needed to sell our products we work together with our distributors.    

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics in collaboration with distributors

Our tent canvas is also used for the maritime market, as tent or sun protection on a yacht and sometimes also as a cover. For this specialist market, we work together with maritime specialist Maritex Europe. They have their own collection of TenCate tent and sun awning fabrics. In the UK market for event tents and group tents, we work with Kayospruce Ltd. For the German tent market, we work with Nicolaus Weber; a textile specialist for technical textiles.

Sun awning market

For the sun awning market, TenCate Outdoor Fabrics has been working with Nyfan in Greece for the last 35 years. The brand name TenCate is connected to the company and the products of Nyfan. Together we develop collections and sun awning products for the future. The entire TenCate collection from Nyfan is manufactured with weather-resistant digital printing techniques. TenCate Outdoor Fabrics has also developed a special collection of heavier sun awning fabrics for the professional sun awning market.

Tent canvas distributors

Tent canvas distributor and specialist for the maritime market: Maritex Europe BV
Tent canvas distributor UK: Kayospruce Ltd
Tent canvas agent and specialist in technical textile Germany: Nicolaus Weber
Tent canvas distributor France: TA France

Maritex Europe BV
Communicatieweg 19
3641 SG, Mijdrecht, The Netherlands
+31 (0) 297 255 670

Kayospruce Ltd. 2 Cockerell Close
Segensworth West
Fareham, Hampshire, England
PO15 5SR
+44 (0) 148 9581696

Nicolaus Weber GmbH
Attn.: Frau Nicole Schulz
Frankfurter StraBe 23
36043 Fulda, Duitsland
+49 (0) 6 61 97 9131

TA France
ZA du Keneah Nord
56400 Plougoumelen, France
+33 (2) 9 75 63 080


Sun awning canvas distributors

Sun awning canvas for the maritime market: Maritex Europe BV
Sun awning collection and distribution for the Greek market: Nyfan

Maritex Europe BV
Communicatieweg 19
3641 SG, Mijdrecht, The Netherlands
+31 (0) 297 255 670

Perissoy 65 Nea Halkidona 65
GR 143 43, Athene, Greece
+30 (0) 210 25 81 440