Customize your shadow

Welcome to a new world, a world where you can create your very own shade! Together we create unique digitally printed sun awning fabric collections. Even in small order volumes! Your very own bespoke collection of sun awning fabrics tailor-made to your wishes and needs; ready for the customer of today and tomorrow. Welcome to a world where you can freely develop your own design. Welcome to Customize your shade!


A sun awning not only protects against sunlight, it also shapes your sun and shade experience. The design of the sun awning fabric plays a crucial role in this. With TenCate, you can develop your very own sun awning fabric with its own individual look and style.


We believe in tailor-made solutions for unique styles to come into their own. Using our expertise, we will realize this for you. Draw inspiration from this video and step into the world of Customize your shade.

Get inspired and start designing your sun awning fabric straightaway

Tap into your creative side and transform patterns and colours into outstanding design sun awning fabrics. Our own collection of sun awning fabrics with surprising designs and unique colour combinations will provide you with the inspiration to create your own individual look.

Would you prefer a completely unique fabric? Get inspired by our ‘experience’ worlds and create your very own shading and shadow! Each world has its own signature look. The use of materials, colours and technology and the detailing of different patterns and designs will help invigorate new ideas.

Nostalgia & Longing: this world is characterized by a feeling of nostalgia. A sense of heritage creating a classic look with a contemporary edge. The essence of the past provides a feeling of comfort and security. Colour tones and the finishing details are important and the use of dark tones gives an authentic and robust luxury feel.
Escapism & Nature: we believe natural patterns and tones are timeless in the sun awning market. Our designs are influenced by natural environments such as beaches, forest and flowery meadows. Inspired by mother nature and colours, the sunscreen will perfectly blend in with its surroundings

How to design your own sun awning fabric

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics enables you to create your own shade in different ways. Start with a blank canvas and be guided by our Freedom Collections or get inspired by our ‘experience’ worlds. Then create your own colours and designs and customize your own shade that suits you! Together we will always create a unique product. We would like to explain how you can make your own sun awning fabric.

1. Use a colour scheme from The Freedom Collection

At TenCate Outdoor Fabrics you can design a collection of sun awning fabrics in no-time. Feel inspired by the colourful fabrics and contemporary designs from The Freedom Collection and adjust the colours from existing designs.

The method:

  •    Choose a design from The Freedom Collection for the inside of the awning.
  •    Choose your desired colour scheme from an existing design.
  •    Choose one of the contemporary basic colours for the outside of the awning, see below.

Are you curious how your sun awning fabric will look when you change the colour scheme of The Freedom Collection?

Example inside sun awning
Example outside sun awning

2. Customize with basic colours

Would you prefer a customized design in low order quantities? Then choose the option customize with basic colours. This combines a unique design on the inside with a contemporary colour scheme on the outside.

The method:

  •     Ontwerp uw eigen patroon voor de binnenzijde of laat u begeleiden door onze expertise.
  •     Kies voor de buitenzijde van het doek uit een van de basiskleuren hierboven.

Are you curious how your sun awning fabric will look when customized with basic colours?

Example inside sun awning
Example outside sun awning

3. Customize in your own style

Have you longed to create your own sun awning fabric collection for years? With unique colours, designs and an amazing textile appearance? This is possible at TenCate Outdoor Fabrics! Create something completely unique and different. Design a collection which fully matches your own ideas about sun awning fabrics. Start with a blank canvas and simply let your own creativity guide you. TenCate Outdoor Fabrics is happy to inform, inspire and assist you in this process.

The method:

  • Get inspired by The Freedom Collection of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics or through other sources.
  • Use this inspiration to design your own collection.
  • With our expertise and know-how, we can help you every step of the way in designing your own collection.
  • Choose the perfect colours and designs for the inside and outside of the fabric.
  • Everything is possible; from tone on tone to different prints on both sides of the canvas.

Are you curious about what your sun awning fabric or collection will look like when customized in your own style?

Example inside sun awning
Example outside sun awning

What will your collection look like?

Below you will find an example of our own sun awning fabric collection. Are you keen to create a strikingly vivid collection or would you prefer a tranquil and classic timeless design? Get in touch and together we will create a unique collection!

Also interested in your own unique collection of awning fabric?

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Customer case: Nyfan in Greece

NYFAN is a manufacturer and supplier of sun awning systems, which focuses on the growing demand for sun and rain protection. In this customer case, we take a closer look at the collaboration between the sun awning solutions of Nyfan and the sun awning fabric of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics.

Customer case – Nyfan in Greece