Digital print

Freedom of design for the tent- and sunawningproducers with our outdoor quality digital printing technology. A lot is possible with this outdoor-proof digital printing on our outdoor fabrics; any pattern, design and image to the confectionery instructions can be printed on the textile.


At our production site in Nijverdal, we have digital printing lines be able to print larger volumes in short time. We can print on our all-season qualities up to 243 cm in width. The prints can be applied on the inside of the product as well as the coated side. This ‘two sided’ approach to designing fabrics for outdoor applications offers unique opportunities for customising tent, sunawning and other outdoor collections. With the high resolution (very high dpi) we have the ability to print photo quality accordingly. TenCate Outdoor Fabrics offers limitless solutions with the digital print technique; from standard collections to unique custom collections in low minimum quantities.


Our machines are UV inkjet printers with UV curable pigmented inks. Unique due to the high UV resistance, resulting in a very high colour fastness and colour brilliance over time. We rip the designs into CMYK colours resulting in a very stable and reproducible portfolio.

High UV resistance due to quality pigmented ink.
Calibration and colour management of digital prints.


Digital inkjet printing is a process with a very low environmental impact. It is so called a ‘minimum application technology’, when compared to traditional techniques. It saves up to 90% on ink, 80% on water and 60% on energy. Additionally, only the necessary chemicals are applied which ensures no waste. The inks are cured with UV LED technology, which means no water and heating are required to dry and cure the inks.

The prints themselves are already very durable in terms of UV resistance and rubbing fastness. To further protect the prints and keep them clean in outdoor use, they are treated with a finish which makes the fabric dirt-resistant and water-repellent. This ensures a long lifetime of the printed materials in outdoor use.

Digital UV-inkjet printer with UV curable pigmented inks