Working at TenCate

If you are looking for a position within a specific field of work/discipline, for example the position of operator in production or technologist in our development and technology department, you can view our vacancy list. If you are interested in our company and want to send an open application, be as specific as possible in your experience and education. As an employer, we want to fascinate and challenge our employees. We want to offer opportunities for learning, growing and performing. All this can be done in a social and pleasant working environment at TenCate Outdoor Fabrics!

Our HR policy

Our HR policy is geared towards aligning the needs and goals of the organisation and employees and thereby helping to implement the strategy of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics. We strive to share and safeguard knowledge and always allocate the right employee to the right position, with the right experience. Our employees are professionals in their own discipline with a result and solution-oriented entrepreneurial spirit who are prepared to take on the challenge. We strive for success! Employees are given the opportunity to develop and evolve individually and professionally. We offer them attractive and challenging tasks and responsibilities in a safe working environment with room for initiative and creativity.

If you work at TenCate Outdoor Fabrics, you contribute – together with colleagues – to improvement, innovation and growth of our organisation and the satisfaction of our customers. You work on concrete plans, take responsibility, work independently and have ideas. We aim for every employee to take ownership of their profession at TenCate. We make quality together!

What makes the difference?

Our employees make the difference and determine whether we can achieve our ambitions. By continuing to invest in the high-quality knowledge available in our organisation, we want to further strengthen our position. Core values for TenCate Outdoor Fabrics are: entrepreneurship, capacity for innovation and results driven. To achieve this, we are looking for professional, open-minded and versatile colleagues who can excel in talent in multidisciplinary teams.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for people with the following competencies: leadership, results driven, persuasiveness, perseverance, creativity, willingness to collaborate and personal initiative. These expectations are shared throughout all positions at TenCate Outdoor Fabrics.

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