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Tent fabric

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics is the international market leader in tent canvas and a major player in outdoor sun awnings. TenCate offers a range of specialised fabrics, which are ideally suited for all areas of the camping and outdoor market.

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The features TenCate Outdoor Fabrics specific developed to add to each tent canvas gives the user a real "All Weather" protection and multiple years to use.

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TenCate Outdoor Fabrics canvas is provided with a mould, dirt and moisture repellent treatment from the factory. However, pollution and mould may still occur through external causes and that is why good maintenance is important.

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Made with TenCate Outdoor Fabrics

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics is proud that our high-tech outdoor fabrics are used in various applications. We have unique fabric qualities for every application in the field of tents and sun awning, each with its own unique properties. Need inspiration? take a look at this page!

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TenCate Outdoor Fabrics Campshield tentdoek
TenCate Outdoor Fabrics Zonweringdoek

TenCate tent canvas: a great holiday!

A holiday without worries,
therefore good maintenance is important.

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