09 February 2023

Tent fabrics for glamping tents

With glamour camping, or simply glamping, high comfort and outdoor life come together. Enjoy the comfort and luxury of a hotel, but still experience the adventurousness of camping? That is glamping. A fully equipped glamping tent provides a ultimate feeling of freedom. In the past years, glamping in the Netherlands has grown enormously. TenCate has developed a wide range of fabrics for glamping tents. From luxury safari lodges in African style to fully collapsible camping containers with a luxurious bathroom and lounge area with air conditioning. Everything is possible with the tent fabrics from TenCate Outdoor Fabrics.

Types of glamping tents

This trend has developed significantly over the past ten years. Glamping can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and in many different types of accommodations. A number of popular glamping types are: safari tents, treehouses, yurts, cabins, tiny houses, lodges, glamping lodges, tipis, domes, air lodges, nature houses, pods, gypsy houses, and glamping on the road. Tent fabrics from TenCate Outdoor Fabrics are used for many of these accommodations.

Safaritent made with TenCate Campshield
Dome made with TenCate Polycotton

Suitable tent fabrics

Glamping tents are therefore very popular. A beautiful appearance of the tent is very important in this regard. This contributes to the real camping feeling and gives a sense of luxury. Because a glamping tent is made of tent fabric, high durability and safety are also crucial. Especially since glamping tents are often left outside all year round and have to withstand all weather conditions, such as UV rays and rain showers. Therefore, we recommend our strong and breathable TenCate Cotton quality, TenCate PolyCotton quality, or the flame-retardant TenCate Campshield fabrics for glamping tents. All of these fabrics are available in different weights and colors. They offer a beautiful and sturdy textile appearance and a long lifespan.

Ultimate protection

A longer lifespan of your glamping tent? Then also choose a HEYtex Clipeum PVC roof. This material perfectly protects against all weather conditions in any season, thanks to the single or double-walled PVC with acrylic coating. This high-quality material is also flame-retardant and complies with all standards. These tent fabrics are available from stock in different colors.

You can find more information about this material here: https://heytex.com/en/portfolio-item/texineering-tents-heytents/

  Sidewall Roof
Cotton KD-24 KD-24
PolyCotton KA-46
Campshield FR-1


“Choose luxury and quality for your glamping tent with the tent fabrics from TenCate Outdoor Fabrics.”

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