08 February 2023

Keeping the tent (and head) cool: 4 tips for camping in the summer!

Camping in the summer means lying in the sun on the beach and long summer evenings. But also warm nights in the tent. It is quite difficult to keep the temperature of your tent nice and pleasant. Therefore, we have put together a number of tips to keep your tent (and head) cool

  1. Cotton tent

Are you also sweating in your polyester tent at night? Then switching to a cotton tent is the perfect solution. Cotton is a natural product and has been used for tents for a long time. The material is made water-repellent and is treated against rot, mold, and shrinkage. The great advantage of a cotton tent is the very pleasant living climate. The fabric has a breathable and moisture-regulating function. This makes a cotton tent cooler in warm conditions and warmer in cold conditions.

  1. Tent with double door

Most (dome) tents have a double door. In that case, you can choose to only close the door with the mesh. That way, it can blow nicely into your tent at night when it is much cooler, without mosquitoes coming in.

  1. Choose a spot in the shade for a cool tent

This tip is especially for people who camp in Spain, France, or another southern European country. When you can choose a spot at a campsite, always choose one with at least some shade. Preferably a spot where the tent is already in the shade from the end of the afternoon. During this period of shade, your tent can cool down before you go to sleep. Are you a late riser? Then make sure your tent is in the shade in the morning.

  1. Place a tarp over your tent

A tarp is a large piece of tent fabric that provides shade. You can compare it to a canopy. If you have a small tent, you can stretch a tarp over the tent for shade. Fasten the tarp to a tree or pole, for example. That way you can sleep cool at night.

De Waard tarp
Karsten awning

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