TenCate Campshield, the fabric for glamping tents

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics has developed an innovative fabric with inherently flame-retardant properties. The fibres in this tent canvas provides extra safety and protection. The fabric is resistant to scorching, annealing and sparks. Textile material which is flame-retardant has an inhibiting effect on the origin of fire and therefore delays the spread of fire. The market for group tents and glamping tents has great interest in this product, as it meets many quality requirements and standards. In addition, glamping, scouting and festivals, international aid organisations and tour operators use TenCate Campshield® canvas.

Application with TenCate Campshield
Application with TenCate Campshield

View our different Campshield variants and colors in our digital collection book. You will also find all important technical data here.

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