28 June 2022

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics at the Polyclose 2022

This year the Polyclose will take place on August 31, 1 & September 2nd. TenCate Outdoor Fabrics will present the new sun awning fabric collection, The Freedom Collections, here. There are options for system builders of sun protections as well as for sun protection dealers to get started with our fabrics. We are happy to explain this to you! This is our first participation in the Polyclose and we are very curious about the reactions from the industry. You're welcome!

Unique stand concept

We have a stand area of more than 40 square meters where we can properly present all our unique sun awning fabrics. The coffee is ready and we are happy to welcome you in hall 4!

  • Location: Flanders Expo Ghent
  • Address: Maaltekouter 1, B-9051 Gent
  • Hall: 4
  • Booth number: 4420
  • Ticket code: PE10127103
Sun awning with design
Sun awning with light structure

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