26 August 2021

From regular sunshades to a special atmosphere at home with The Freedom Collections

The colors of sun awnings have been the same for at least forty years. Until the 1980s, many awnings were orange. Then anthracite, black, dark green and brown took over. And then there were the well-known block stripes. For those of you who wanted a different kind of sun cloth, there was little choice. TenCate Outdoor Fabrics is now changing this with the introduction of The Freedom Collections! In this blog you will read more about these awning fabrics from TenCate Outdoor Fabrics and how this collection was created.

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics has a rich history of supplying technically high-quality outdoor textiles. Years of experience with our awning fabrics in southern Europe have resulted in top quality products. With TenCate Outdoor Fabrics cloth, Nyfan has been the market leader in Greece in the field of awning cloth for almost forty years. A market in which, due to a high UV load, durability and color fastness are extra important. More than 15,000,000 meters of awning fabric, of which nearly 2 million are digitally printed awning fabric, have already been incorporated into awning systems for the Greek market.

The sun cloths that we have been making for years for the Greek market are distinguished, among other things, by a design on the inside of the cloth. The design is fully tailored to the Greek market. Greeks choose for a design on the inside because Greek awnings cover the windows almost vertically for much of the year. The awning fabric thus becomes an extension of the living room. In that case, a dull canvas for the Greeks is not an option. Who wouldn’t want a pleasant living room, or attractive terrace or balcony?

The way the Greeks deal with blinds, has made us thinking. After all, can’t we introduce a similar concept for the rest of Europe? A market that has offered the same types of sunshades for a long time without too much changes? TenCate Outdoor Fabrics has the expertise to make completely different awning fabrics; awning fabrics as they do not yet exist.

Therefore, our goal is to make living rooms, terraces and balconies even more atmospheric with a new type of awning fabric, with new colors and designs. With our fabrics and placement, we consciously choose to do things ‘differently‘. It is therefore our ambition to offer an alternative choice to customers and consumers who want ‘something different’, in addition to the fabrics that have been available on the market for years.

It is a wonderful challenge to develop something new for a market that is used to working with the same awning fabrics and techniques for years. Therefore, in developing the collection of awning fabrics, we first extensively researched the taste of the market. The research shows that a large group of consumers prefer designs that do not currently exist. These designs are not yet being made because the right weaving techniques are not available for this. However, with the digital printing technology from TenCate Outdoor Fabrics it is possible to create these designs!

Consumer preferences were then translated into designs and colors. The designs in the collection are very diverse and range from plain canvas textures to expressive designs. In doing so, we create the recognizability of awning fabric, but also offer wonderful opportunities for truly ‘something different‘. In terms of color scheme, careful consideration was given to a mix of commonly used colors in the interior and exterior, but also to the colors commonly used as awning fabrics in the various countries.


Several versions are included within the collection. For example, there is the Ton sur ton fabric with equal coloring on the inside and outside of the awning fabric. But also the unique Colore duo fabric. This cloth differs in color on the inside and outside. For example, choose dark gray on the outside for a neutral look on your facade, but with light gray on the inside for the ultimate spatial light experience when sitting under your awning.

The Freedom Collections is an entirely unique collection of awning fabrics and brings the combination of atmosphere, design and new textures. Designed for people who want ‘something else‘. Beautiful traditional solutions are tastefully incorporated into new and recognizable structures, where functionality goes hand in hand with design.

Recognizability or on the contrary a new style? Whatever your preference; The Freedom Collection seamlessly fits all needs with every possible look and application. This results in a special experience of shadow!

For more information on The Freedom Collections, please visit our website: www.thefreedomcollections.com

In addition to this own awning collection, there is also the possibility, as a system builder of awning systems, to design an own collection of awning fabric, Customize your Shadow. Use your creativity and transform patterns and colors into beautiful designs for designer awning fabrics. Our own collection of awning fabric with surprising designs and unique color combinations give you unprecedented inspiration to fill out your shade in a completely individual way.

More information about this process can be found here: Customize your shadow