01 March 2022

This is how you clean your sun awning fabric!

Do you have a nice sun awning hanging from your house? This is indispensable during hot summer days. So it makes sense that you want to enjoy it as long as possible. This makes cleaning your awning fabric essential. However, cleaning your sun awning fabric for the first time can be a bit exciting. Of course, you don't want to damage the fabric. Below we explain step by step how to clean your awning.

Starting to clean your sun awning fabric

Before you start cleaning your awning fabric, you should first take a look outside. Is it very bright and sunny? Then you’ll have to postpone cleaning your awning fabric for a while. If residual water dries too quickly, it may cause unsightly stains. And that’s exactly what you don’t want. If this is not the case, you may start cleaning your awning fabric. There are various options for cleaning your awning fabric. It depends on the type of stains.

Step 1: The dry technique to get your sun awning fabric clean

Make sure that you fully roll out the awning fabric and that it’s completely taut. Then grab a clean and soft brush. Begin by gently brushing away any loose dirt on the awning fabric. When the fabric shows few stains, it may already be a nice clean awning fabric.

Step 2: Cleaning the awning fabric with lukewarm water

If the awning fabric is badly weathered, you may clean it in the following way. First, grab a soft brush or sponge and a bucket of lukewarm water. Start by carefully brushing the awning fabric. Does this take care of the stains? That’s excellent! Are the stains too stubborn? For example, mold? Then use a mixture of chlorine and lukewarm water (1:10). Attention: never use products containing soap, not even green soap! Once you’ve mixed the chlorine and water, start cleaning the cloth gently. Let the mixture soak for 10 minutes before thoroughly rinsing the fabric off with the garden hose. If you don’t have a garden hose, simply use buckets of water. Absolutely do not clean your awning fabric with a high-pressure cleaner. The pressure may damage the awning fabric.

Step 3: Drying the sun awning fabric

Drying the awning fabric is perhaps the most important part of this process. You want to prevent mold, of course. Only roll up the awning fabric again when it has dried completely.

Short instructions for cleaning your sun awning fabric:

  • Grab a soft and clean brush. Brush away loose dirt and surface stains.
  • Gently brush the fabric with a soft brush and lukewarm water.
  • In case of mold growth, use a mixture of chlorine/lukewarm water (1:10)
  • Let the water/mixture soak in for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse off thoroughly with a garden hose or buckets of water.
  • Only not roll up the fabric when it has dried completely.