14 April 2021

WR200: a new lightweight fabric for outdoor applications

When it comes to innovation, TenCate Outdoor Fabrics has a reputation to uphold. Research and development are therefore essential parts of our DNA. Continuous development is paramount to everything we do. We want to keep optimizing our existing products and facilitate new applications.

With this in mind, we have taken a closer look at our existing lightweight polyester program. After several years of development and testing, the result is impressive: our new lightweight polyester WR200.

The WR200 is a redevelopment of our existing lightweight polyester fabric, which has been successfully used for various outdoor applications for many years. The new fabric consists of 100% polyester, which guarantees the robustness of the fabric. Of course, the fabric is easy to produce and the WR200 has the high-colour properties that our TenCate Outdoor Fabrics customers are accustomed to.

Like its predecessor, the fabric has been developed for various outdoor applications requiring low weight as well as durability. The WR200 is also very suitable to use for the walls and canopy of an awning on a caravan, but also for rooftop tents, light (family) tents and festival tents. WR200 is also perfect to cover outdoor furniture or even boats.

The WR200 is available in various contemporary collection colours. These collection colours can be ordered in rolls of 100 metres. Is your colour not listed? No problem! From a minimum order volume, we can produce any desired colour.

Also did you know that WR200 is ideal for digital printing? This means you can give your own unique and individual look & feel to the finished products in your range.

WR200 is geschikt voor covers
WR200 is geschikt voor vaste voortenten
WR200 is geschikt voor daktenten
WR200 is geschikt voor voortenten