14 April 2022

The fabrics from TenCate Outdoor Fabrics are very suitable for lifting roofs

The high-end fabrics from TenCate Outdoor Fabrics can be used perfectly for different types of lifting roofs. Our different outdoor fabrics each have their own unique properties.

Which fabrics are suitable for a lifting roof?

Long ago, lifting roofs were simply made of heavy, cotton tent cloths. Nowadays we mainly use lighter, quality cloths. For example, a light polyester quality or a combination of polyester and cotton. Nevertheless, cotton remains a popular fabric because of its natural and breathable properties. And then there is our new EcoHemp quality. Wondering which fabric is most suitable for your lifting roof? We are happy to tell you more about our fabrics.

TenCate cotton tent cloth for lifting roofs

Cotton tent cloths have great breathable and moisture-regulating capacities. This makes a cotton cloth well resistant to various weather influences. This makes this fabric very suitable for lifting roofs. Even with large temperature differences between the inside and outside of the tent, the cotton tent fabric prevents condensation on the walls of the tent. Our TenCate Cotton tent cloth has had a rot and mold resistant treatment. Nevertheless, we recommend that you always retract the lifting roof after it has fully dried. If you do not do this, there is a possibility of mold forming in the tent cloth. All in all, the TenCate cotton tent cloth is a fine tent cloth for use in lifting roofs.

TenCate polyester tent cloth for lifting roofs

With the 100% polyester All Season Touring fabrics, we offer a high-quality product that is perfectly suitable for lifting roofs. The material is light, yet strong and durable. The microporous acrylic coating makes the fabric water and weatherproof which, of course, is a requirement for a lifting roof. The material is also easy to clean and very durable. In addition, it meets the strictest requirements in terms of environmental friendliness.

The WR-200 is a lightweight, single-layer, coated tent fabric. This makes it ideal if you are looking for a light, yet durable tent cloth.  Do you prefer a slightly heavier, but also more durable type of cloth? Then the double-coated WR-18 is what you are looking for. 

Our fabrics from the All Season Residential range are also very suitable for lifting roofs. This tent cloth has a unique mix of polyester and PVA (polyvinyl alcohol). The polyester in the fabric ensures its strength and durability. Like cotton, the PVA fibers absorbs moisture and slows down condensation. Lifting roofs made with our TenCate All Season Residential™ therefore create a pleasant indoor climate. The microporous acrylic coating makes the fabric waterproof, weatherproof and durable. Besides that, the fabric is easy to clean.

TenCate EcoHemp tent cloth for lifting roofs

TenCate EcoHemp
is a unique mix of hemp, organic cotton and recycled polyester. This light and natural tent cloth is very suitable for lifting roofs. In addition, with this tent cloth you are making a socially responsible choice. TenCate EcoHemp has similar breathable and moisture-regulating properties as cotton. Recycled polyester is added to make the fabric extra strong. Polyester is the most commonly used raw material in the camping industry, because it is so easily produced. In addition, the material is strong in relation to its weight. To reduce the global impact of using polyester, more and more recycled polyester is being used. A type of material has now also been developed from recycled plastic, in which, for example, old fishing nets have been processed. This is of such good quality that it is also used as tent material. By using recycled polyester, the impact on the environment is reduced. The addition of hemp in the fabric ensures the long lifespan of the tents. Finally, a limited amount of organic cotton is added. We do this to get the ideal mix of comfort, durability and quality.

Want to know more about EcoHemp? Click here: https://www.tencateoutdoorfabrics.com/blog/het-nieuwe-duurzame-tentdoek-ecohemp/