16 November 2021

Wigo getting started with digitally printed tent fabric

At TenCate Outdoor Fabrics, we’ve been supplying tent fabrics to Wigo Zelte for quite some time now. Wigo specializes in making various tents and awnings for caravans, campers, buses and vans. Here we also make insulation mats and accessories for these tents and awnings. And Wigo Zelte has been doing this with passion and energy for over 30 years. All tents and awnings are made in-house in their own workshop in Germany. Hence, made in Germany.

With a passion for making tents, Wigo Zelte looks to continuously innovate and renew. That’s why Wigo Zelte is now using the digital printing technology of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics. This allows us to print our outdoor fabrics with all the patterns, designs and images you can imagine. We’re even able to print large-scale confectionery instructions on the tent cloth. Thanks to this digital printing technique you can  design or have a unique design designed and offer a truly distinctive product, compared to the competition. 

For example, Wigo Zelte opted for our TenCate All Season Touring tent fabric with a camouflage print. This is a light and strong coated tent fabric made of 100% polyester. The CAMOU! collection is therefore a nice addition to Wigo Zelte’s product line:

So far, we’ve received very positive reactions. And we can only confirm that!

Camou awning for campers, vans, buses
Camou awning for caravans